About Us

Meet Cora and Tilly, the inspiration behind Davenport's Dogs. These two beautiful pups are the motivation behind starting this business. Cora is an Australian Shepherd, and Tilly is a mutt that we fell in love with and adopted from a local shelter. They're the reasons why we're passionate about creating products that are not only functional, but also beautiful. When you shop with us, you're not just supporting a veteran owned business, you're helping to bring manufacturing back to the USA.

Hello, I'm Chris Davenport, the founder of Davenport's Dogs. I have a passion for building and creating things. Growing up, I was fascinated with Legos and erector sets and I spent countless hours coming up with new creations. As I got older, I started working with my dad, who was a carpenter and woodworker. The lessons I got from him were so much more than just woodworking. I quickly knew this was going to be a part of my life story.

I also took welding shop in high school and later went on to study engineering in college and spent several years working for factories and manufacturing companies. My time in the army as an Infantryman, particularly in Afghanistan, taught me the importance of having products that are reliable and built to last. 

At Davenport's Dogs, our goal is to create high-quality products for pet owners like you that are made in the USA. Although not all components are currently made domestically (e.g. stainless steel bowls), we're working towards bringing all manufacturing back to the country. We believe in supporting local communities and are dedicated to providing both you and your furry friends with products that are functional, beautiful, and built to last. I'm proud to be a veteran-owned business, and I'm dedicated to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products to all of our customers.

Every item you see is custom built and/or designed by me in this shop. I’m excited to add many more products soon so continue to check back! Got an idea in mind or a special request? No problem! Contact me at: chris@davenportsdogs.com