About Us

Hi, we're Cora & Tilly, and we are the infamous Davenport's Dogs! 

Our dad, Chris, is the creator behind every product! He is an Army veteran with a lifelong passion for designing and building cool stuff for us and our mom, Hannah. And trust us, we love cool stuff! Our mom is a 8th grade science teacher and loves dogs so much she has aspirations of opening a dog sanctuary one day to give back.

Hey, I'm Chris Davenport. I’m an army combat veteran, turned engineer, turned small business owner who has a passion for building and creating things. My wife and I live in Tampa, Florida, where we spend our time loving our dogs while creating cool stuff for yours! No matter where life has taken me, it has always revolved around creating and building things. As the son of a carpenter, it’s in my blood. My passion was calling at a young age, as a child, you couldn’t pull me away from playing with Legos and Erector sets. 

Growing up, I learned the art of woodworking from my dad. The lessons I got from him were so much more than just woodwork. I quickly knew this was going to be a part of my life story. I went on to take welding classes in highschool and then started on an engineering degree in college, but decided to join the Army before finishing.

When I returned from Afghanistan in 2012, I went back to college to finish my engineering degree and got a corporate job. It was an experience that taught me a lot about myself and my passions. I learned very quickly that corporate life wasn't for me and now I’m blessed to work full time on my passion for designing and building cool things just for you!

Every item you see is custom designed and built by me in this shop. I’m excited to add many more products soon so continue to check back! Got an idea in mind or a special request? No problem! Contact me at: chris@davenportsdogs.com